Re/forme lagree fitness is all about helping you reach your fitness goals. Whether you have never had a steady fitness routine, you're training for a competition, or are looking to lose weight and tone your muscles, lagree fitness and the team at re/forme will help you get there, and once you get there, we will help you set new goals to reach. It will never get easier, you will just get stronger. We offer the revolutionary M3S megaformer, created by Sebastian Lagree. Are you ready to elongate, lean, and tone your muscles? 


The next evolution in physical fitness and the workout everyone is talking about. Created by celebrity fitness all star, Sebastian Lagree, the patented lagree fitness is the most efficient and effective workout you will find by constantly working multiple different muscles group in your body through compound movements. The lagree method incorporates constant tension during slow and controlled movements targeting muscle exhaustion with quick transitions between moves keeping your heart rate pumping and muscles shaking for the entire class. This full body workout combines cardio, strength, flexibility, endurance and balance during resistance and counter resistant excersises through out the entire workout.


Meet the MEGA

The megaformer is changing the way we workout. Low impact with high intensity is going to help you build long and lean muscles with out putting any stress on your joints or spine. On the megaformer, you will be working your slow twitch muscle fibers against the strength and resistance of this powerful machine. Each session on the M3S megaformer burns 500-800 calories while constantly challenging you to push past your comfort zone. Come find the only M3S megaformer in Houston at re/forme!

Never been? No problem. The M3S is welcoming to all fitness levels. Every position can be modified, and spring loads can easily be changed periodically so you feel comfortable whether it is your first class, or 100th class. Trust us, once you take one, you will be striving for your 100th!